Thursday, December 16, 2004

what holds you?

What holds you captive?
Bound to the past
Bound to the expectations
Bound to the circumstances

What holds you down?
Unable to soar
Unable to run
Unable to lift your head

What holds you back?
Afraid to end the cycle
Afraid to step out boldy
Afraid to be alone

What holds you under?
Burdened by people
Burdened by self
Burdened by unknowns

What holds you still?
It's time to move on
It's time to look up
It's time to seek help

Just beyond this fear is a place that I can see. You may not see it, believe it, or want to know it... but just beyond the bonds you are locked in is freedom, love, and true joy. If you want to move from here to that place, I want to help. Lean on me if you want... These shackles can be cut off.

These are just a few thoughts I've had... and sometimes face myself. I need others around to be my influence in this direction, but more importantly, I need to let go of that which holds me bound.


At 10:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

lurkers should leave feedback :-)


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