Saturday, December 11, 2004

i got wet

AKA - we won our first meet 529-419. The kids tossed the coaches in for the home victory. I "cheated"... usually coaches have to go in w/ all clothes on.... no thanks on the wet shorts! Instead I opted to go with the suit, and not resist too much. However, it still weirds me out that 2 of my future students were the ones throwing me in... something about being in a suit when i'm their teacher is odd. It is weird to be close in age... but yet not close. Close enough to be mistaken as one of them, but yet old enough to just be all awkward about it. Students are always on my mind... everywhere I go I run into them... maybe it's just since I have so many of them... maybe it's me being overanalytical.

Anywho... looking through the past week... I'm seeing all the stupid things I was thinking a week ago fade away. Some truth, some closure, and lots of new stuff coming up. not sure yet where life is heading, but in the past few months lots has changed.

Not one of my most profound entries... but no doubt after I nap for a bit I'll have more in my head to dole out.


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