Tuesday, November 16, 2004


So lately I've been running on some strange energy. I'm wide awake all day - ok, maybe a little slow until the coffee is downed... but then I'm good until I suddenly collapse around 9:30pm. Such a wimp.

I am starting to hear good news from seniors that they are actually getting their stuff done. Maybe my bugging helps some? I'd like to think that anyhow.

The high school swim team just started. They practice before the aquatic club does. This too is exciting to me. I like to go to their meets and all.

Last weekend was spent organizing the house, paying bills, seeing my sister's swim meet, and raking leaves. I saw a great show last Saturday night as well.

I've been realizing there are some people that I've been close to over the past few years that I need to start letting go. In some ways it is strange because they are finally reaching that adult responsible lifestyle - what should be similar to mine... only to realize that they are becoming more and more blind to how things really work. Distracted by infatuation perhaps, or just thinking they've got it all figured out. In the end, they don't bother to concern themselves with anyone else. It isn't easy.. but I can't do everything to stay in touch.

Random day... but that's ok.


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