Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Get a Life

Calibretto 13 has made some great stuff... highly recommend finding some of their music. Dork punk music is always a good time. So... the song of the day:

Calibretto 13
Get A Life
Well, you're a good looking guy and you're under 21.
You party all night and you have a lot of fun.
You dropped out of school and you do nothing all day.
You can't seem to find a job, but that's ok.
Cause you live with your girlfriend, and she takes care of you.
You share the same bed and you promise to be true.
She wants to get married, but you'd rather not.
The only reason you like her is because she's hot.
Get a Life.

Well you're getting nowhere and you're getting there fast.
Your heathen lifestyle's not gonna last.
You're wasting your life, but you don't care.
You're living for today, for the prince of the air.
Your life is a party and it sure ain't dull.
You're living for today and you're on a roll.
You don't have a worry you think all is well.
But you don't know you're on your way to Hell.
Get a Life.

Now every weekend is the same routine.
You get hooked up and you do the same old thing.
You smoke some marijuana, get as high as a kite.
Take down 3 more beers, get into another fight.
Go upstairs with a girl and sleep around.
Wake up the next morning find yourself on the ground.
This so-called-life that you live is full of sin,
But my God can set you free if you would just let Him in.
Get a Life.

Okay, in your world you're so freakin' cool,
But in our world you are nothing,
And you need to get a life!
Get a Life.

It seems that for too long we've put up with the trash of the world... to the point we don't realize it is trash. Don't get me wrong... I've had my fair share of garbage in my day. HOWEVER... we overlook that which wrong - claiming there are no absolute truths... yet somehow we acknowledge that there are other things that we can agreed are right and wrong - like killing someone or cheating in relationships or anything else... no matter the culture there is a sense that this isn't right. So, that being the case, why do we overlook what we feel like neglecting? Why do we cling to the filth of the world and wrap our identities in that which will not benefit us in any way? We see it as the easy way out... and I'm tired of it.

So reading back a few entries... I was esentially crying out to God to take away all my trash. I know it is still there ready for me to pick up and try to placate the root of why I feel I'm in need of stuff... the hard reality is... there's nothing apart from God. Nothing else will bring lasting freedom, joy, peace, accomplishment... and there's nothing I can do apart from Him... everything I do He is there... and without that I'm utterly helpless to accomplish anything of worth. Perhaps that is what we all really are secretly searching for... something of importance, worth, that matters.

To all my lurkers reading on, to the burnouts, to the occasional potheads that think I don't know you're there, to the friends that have been there through thick and thin, and to all those that think I'm a lunatic... stop for a while and consider... what is it that you truly want... see past the superficial things that we are so easily satisified by and think about why you want what you do... or why is it that we struggle at times to have any motivation? Do we feel that there's no hope? Do we think why bother? Is that what you really want?

I've decided I want something more. I won't be content to be distracted, pacified, or ignorant by the things I believe are so wonderful - only to realize that they are all rubbish.

Drop some controversy or feedback... i see you lurking.


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