Saturday, November 27, 2004

less and less

I've come to the conclusion once again that the only response I must have before a holy God full of love for me is to come undone. I must lay down all else that could possibly stand in the way, forget all that I know and hold dearly to, save Christ alone. Profound at times, forgotten at others... the walk I take can grow bland in my apathy. I must rid myself of apathy, complacency, and boredom. The God who longs to be with me doesn't feel this way... yet here I stay waiting around on Him to do something when in fact He daily does a multitude of things that should cause me to fall before Him in awe. I don't know why I feel distant at times, and close at others. I don't know why days can go by when I don't feel that I've spent quality time in His presence yet can recount little details of His work in my busy schedule at any moment. Am I not listening? Am I not putting forth effort? Perhaps... but what I do know is that I must drop everything and be. Just be in His presence, just listen to what He says... just know that I am loved. God isn't distant, only I become such. His grace is perfect, His love unending, His ways are always right. When I drift aimlessly - He reaches out to me. When I sleep oblivous to all else but my thoughts, He can interrupt and redirect. My response is much like the call Jesus made in Matthew 19 - to lay down all else and follow Him. He hasn't called me to sell all my stuff, but to recall that all is a gift He gives, and apart from Him I can do nothing (that is of value).

So, I've been checking out
Day of Fire lately. These guys will go far, there sound isn't new, but hasn't been overdone lately. Check around for their stuff.


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