Friday, November 19, 2004

taken aback

So life has different twists and turns for each person. I recently met someone that has had a life full of upheavals. Life will always have obstacles that are unexpected, and a few people will have to face things that most won't. This person has opted to do what most everyone else in these rare circumstances does... turn to some alternate state of being (drugs) to escape the current circumstances. Looking for love in the short term companionship of friends has proven to be disappointing. I'm left to wonder, with all the chaos that has happened, there seems to be still some glint of hope. There is still a reason to continue on, even though at times there seems like none. How can I effectively communicate that there is more hope than can be imagined? Though this person faces more adversity than I've had to imagine, there is someone there that loves more than they know, wants to spend eternity together, and has a plan and purpose for this life. There is something to be done, and this person will never abuse, abandon, or refuse them. How can this chaotic life find this steady refuge in the storms? How can this person with so much unstable influences find the One who is the most sure thing going? How can Christ be shown clearly? How will I answer the inevitable questions about why this mess has happened to begin with? How will they know that they will never be abandoned if that's all they've seen? Pray... there is hope, there is a reason, there is a purpose, and there is love. Above all, God loves this person and wants to make that known.


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