Saturday, December 11, 2004

after supper i realized:

Ten years is a long time to be close. Looking through it all, we’ve faced so much. I look back with memories that have shaped who I am. I think fondly of the times we’ve been each others support, or one accepting person that will understand. Transitions in life come and go, but through it all you have been family and a shelter in the storms. I’m brought to tears remembering what it has meant to lay it all on the line for the cause of friendship. The endless nights talking through whatever mattered, the times we just said what needed to be said without holding back, and the comfort that has been found in knowing in so many ways we are still and likely will always have ties that bind us together deep enough that time may pass yet there remains a lasting love that steps outside all this. As we talked over supper I realized what our friendship has evolved into. I saw that we are much more than I ever expected.

I’ve been reevaluating friendships and what they mean to me. Many have disappointed me, especially recent ones. Others have just faded and grown dim. Yet this love felt is not that of romance, but knowing that I’d lay everything down over and over again for you, and knowing within reason you’d do the same. I wish I could say I knew it’d always be selfless toward me in return, but it isn’t the point. I look back at the past decade and know what love means… I accept you for who you are, and know that we have the ability to cut through all the outside issues to the point of the matter.


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