Wednesday, December 15, 2004

It's My Joy

(Barry Patterson, CCLI Registered)

You set the lonely in families
You set the prisoners free to sing
You are my bliss, You are my drug,

You are my addiction
It’s my joy, It’s my joy to give You praise

You rain abundance, You shower love
Refresh the weary, More than enough
You are my bliss, You are my drug,

You are my addiction
It’s my joy, It’s my joy to give You praise

In the midst of all that comes through my path... even I get worn out. It's just that time of year... so much to do before the holidays... the busy time of the swim season, and my energy level is dropping in mad ways. Yet somehow in the midst of it all... I know there is peace, rest, and joy. The line above about "You are my bliss, You are my drug, You are my addiction" has been running through my mind over and over. We all cling desperately to something. I think we were designed to need something more... we weren't intended to live life entirely alone. Inately we crave something more to satisfy us. For some, its relationships, for others - substances. People claim that to have this crazy desperate longing to be about God is just using beliefs as a crutch. I'd say it is no crutch... a crutch is for those that will eventually let go.. it is meant to help them rehabilitate to life without it. Having been through my own disasters...and living to tell ... I can say I'm desperate for more of Him. I need Him to face what comes my way. Sure, I could go do things on my own, thinking I'm entirely better than that.... but the truth is... none of it matters. No where else is there love like this... and for nothing else would I become weary and yet refreshed all at once. I'd go to great lengths to do something that honors God... and though I may be worn down... it is joy... it isn't every easy... but it is joy. Anything else that I try to pour all I've got into ends up being like a cracked pitcher. It won't hold, it is rather worthless, and by the time I'm empty... so is it. To spend myself in the things that aren't right or best... even good things... aren't going to last. Looking for anything short of God to make it right... that will never last and only leave a person more dissatisfied.



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