Saturday, December 18, 2004


Opinions... do they count? Formed quickly for good and bad, they can mean the world or nothing at all. As I meet someone new, my opinion may be entirely fashioned on the circumstances around them. I make every effort to never look upon someone based on hearsay or who they know, whether they are seemingly smart or far from... whether they care if I like them or not. The opinions people have of me are of their own doing as well. Some see eye to eye, and others realize I'll look through their front so they don't want to be anywhere near. In my few years as a rookie in my career, I've realized some students will be resistent to me no matter what... usually the ones who don't want caught, pushed higher, or to deal with reality that awaits them after high school. Some aquaintances are much the same... they will remain at bay for a wide variety of reasons. Then there are those that transcend all opinions, look with an open mind, and know that when it comes down to it all... when we view each other without clouded expectations, big things will happen. I cannot befriend everyone, nor can I accept many life decisions that some may make. However, I can say - respect is at the core. I hold respect for the circumstances they face, I will look at reality and distinguish what is drama and hype. Though we may not see eye to eye... and though they may be a pain to encounter, I'd still put forth my every last effort to see them succeed at whatever it is they choose - but only with their leading. If they show a wilingness to receive, I'll give all I've got. If they show a barrier, it isn't my duty to convince them otherwise.

All that aside... I'm thrilled Christmas break is a week away. I'm not hyped yet about the holiday itself... though on that day I will set my focus on the meaning of it all. However, I'm more thrilled for the chance to let my gaurd down for a while... take time to just sit and breathe. I want to dive headlong into a few books, enjoy the art of DC, and the sheer enjoyment of sleeping until I wake up without an alarm clock! I want to spend time on enjoying myself... rather than running so fast that I can't keep up with life. I love my schedule, job, friends, and team. I want to step back into that renewed again.


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