Thursday, February 24, 2005

I'm alive

I rolled my car over a hill. I was on Walker Rd. heading home from Wal-Mart. I had just gone over the bridge over 81, passed the gaurd rail, and lost control (while the roads were still fine). I was only doing 25 mph at the most, and the car was out of control. I am completely fine, not even a scratch or bruise. However,I have an unshakable headache, and my left shoulder/arm are rather sore from bearing the brunt (seatbelt). I walked away from the car. The roof isn't even dented, but the reveiw mirrors are broken off, the hood is a bit crunched, the front bumper is off, the headlights are broken, the airbags deployed, the back passenger door won't open, and there is a dent near the trunk. I think one of my tie rods is also broken. I described how to find the car to the police & tow truck, but it wasn't even visible from the road. I don't know if it will be totalled yet. It isn't paid off yet. Praise God I'm alive.... clearly it wasn't time yet... more to do.
my car


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