Thursday, February 10, 2005

Crazy out there

Peace, Be Still by JLM

After a day of tending sheep,
They went to the boat to get some sleep
A furious storm arose outside,
The wind shook as they ran to hide
They went to see where He was,
Asleep in bed, oh where’s the trust
They woke Him saying, it’s crazy out there
Don’t you know or don’t you care
He rebuked the wind with quite a thrill

Oh peace, peace, peace be still
Oh peace, peace, peace be still
Oh peace, peace, peace be still

They led him away with a crown of thrones,
King of the Jews and Lord of Lords
As they nailed His hands to the boards
They jeered on as His mama cried
He looked so pale, and started to die
Father forgive them for they are lost
And then He breathed the final cost
As His last words rang with a quiet chill

Oh it’s crazy out there…

Well I trust in myself to carry the load
But I fall on my face cuz I cannot walk
And all the falsehoods that I showed
When all You heard was mindless talk
Feelings of pain are deep inside
But I release all of my selfish pride
I gave You all the love I had
And You took it, even though I was bad
So I’m down on my knees just beggin You please
That You’ll take all of the sin from me
Use me, however You will, and I pray that Peace is Still

This was one of my favorite songs in 1998... and in light of the current chaos I desperately want to stop... I too pray that somehow Peace is Still.


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