Wednesday, January 07, 2009

in that moment of pressure

In the moment of pressure, it is easy to let the world fall apart. I can choose to climb under the covers because my head is pounding or my stomach is twisting in many new ways. I can also choose to let anxiety overtake me. Another common route is to panic, try doing everything out of my own efforts and my sense of need... or I can show up as the go-giver... the one who gives everything over to God... becoming willing to hear and be led by Him, in all things, no matter the cost. In His presence, in the Holy of Holies or sitting boldly before the throne I know that His plans are for me. He is my provider. It never negates the messes I can create and the consequences for that action. However, it is never acceptable to put my needs before Him. This is the epitome of self-reliance in an ungodly manner. It often comes off as desperate to others... or pushy. Here is what must be done, my way, now. They may not know how truly desperate you are for the whatever it is to be done, but it shows up in how you connect, or don't connect. Rather than drawing from this source... seek first the kingdom. Seek the source. Listen to the still small voice, rest in His presence, dance in His chamber, and sing with all your heart. Be with the Lord.


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