Sunday, December 28, 2008

You are the sum of your experiences but not your future. Your experiences are valuable for the future of others. In my experiences I have become wise and empowers me to step out and help self/others – but God says great – give it away and go get more instead.

Can you surrender control – you can be in control. I can sit at the throne and hear God’s voice. We try to bring the mechanisms in. Let God bring the mechanisms, and we come with the desires.

We want an outcome that we see in our head, we want to be in control. If I already know what the future looks like then I am already prepared for it. If I have it in my heart what the future holds and release control to God, he is faithful to work with us.

Everything I do I need to go back to beginners mind. If we don’t have a beginners mind then all the mechanisms come into play. Plan b – sacrificial lamb provided to Abraham.

I hear and know the voice of God. I trust my life to him. I hear your voice. Do I have a relationship to trust?

God is always for us under this covenant. He will never be against us.

Where have we heard God that we have heard God?

Behave and believe – are they parallel?

Do I behave like God loves me?

Have you died with unrevealed potential? Greek thought separates mind and heart – they are to be one by Hebrew thought.

Most of us have 10 hours of work and 10 min w/ God. Jesus never just prayed on the way to the healing. He drew apart for solace. The only time you are alone is with God. The rest of the time you are to be with others.

Many of us have a staunch belief or stance – this is what God said to do, and whatever it takes I will do this thing. That is nothing more than stubbornness. If we remain staunch about what God has said, we will fail in 2009. our faith has shifted to being in a thing rather than him. Give him freedom to answer what he said, rather than hold him hostage to it. This has everything to do with you and me, not about the things. Quit holding this thing up to God, “God you said, God you said” - he knows what he said.

Can I let the thing die? It holds me back from what he really wants to do.

2009 is like 2008 on steroids…. Live by the spirit of god, can’t help but take advantage of the opportunities, finances will happen as a result not the means, it can’t determine what we are going to do or not going to do, it is a result of the cool stuff God has me doing

Rom. 12:1-2

Most wisdom says only enter into it if you have experience

I am the opportunity I want to be the opportunity magnet

God is going to reinstate virgin birth. I’ve never done this thing before but I’m going to do it. Leave the old patter of “that isn’t how we used to do it” your past is not disqualifying you anymore.

Get soaking wet, frolic in it for a while. Yell – I’ve fallen in it and its great. God can’t wait to use those that have no fear of failing, falling down, or making a mistake. David wasn’t afraid of messing up, dancing naked entirely undignified.

The greatest hinderance to our future success is our past success. Write down your vision. Don’t create all the mechanisms, you’ll limit your futures ability to be all that it was created to be. Offer it all.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Our minds have been fashioned after and conformed to superfiical customs. Relearn a whole new way of life. The cross has opened up a way for us to do that. We think we get saved and god makes us think differently. The bible distinguishes between salvation and being born again. They are 2 very different things. The children of Israel were delivered by the blood, crossed through the red sea. They entered into the wilderness. They weren’t any different. They made the same mistakes. They went back to idolatry. It was better to go back to Egypt. They were there only one day. They were saved, but not born again. Their mind wasn’t changed. Their spirit man was not united or flowing with His. When stuff started happening, we started saying it would be better if it was years ago again.

Be transformed – changed, metamorphosis. Does a caterpillar look like a butterfly? Go in one way and come out so completely differently that you can’t even relate the two. Has my mind had that kind of change take place?

If I want to be the one that has the opportunity – the transformation must take place.

New ideals, new attitude – that must change. We are the agents of the good stuff. Time spent with the Father makes us the catalyst of change.

Conformed & transformed

Conformed – fashioned alike, adapted to the same pattern, to be in union with or associated with the world. We as the church are completely called to the world but should no way be like the world. Be a person that flows with. Aikido with surroundings. I like to confront against things. God says you can do that all you want, but you haven’t flowed with. You need to flow with for the change to happen. Flow with the world, and you change the way you think. I can only change if my mind is different. We can only flow with if we think like them. The church and the world have been at odds. The gospel of the kingdom is that you are a prodigal. You are not an ugly awful sinner but a child that has lost his or her way. It doesn’t change that they sinned, but has everything to do with their identity. Scaring them in to avoid hell doesn’t work. Fear never keeps you. The new message is that you are a son that lost his way, you have forgotten who you are. The church must change the message.

Now I can hang out with the world. Be with them. How’s it working for you to be so opposite. They are drawn by someone that thinks differently while with them. He only went to the synagogue to rebuke. He hung with the sinners to declare, I love you.

Everything on the inside of us screams that I want to be one with my brother. Our mind often thinks differently. If you try to do this without a renewed mind you are dead in the water.

Transformed – a literal metamorphasis. Eph. 4.

In seeker sensitive model we create a way that makes the acceptance so easy. When thinks don’t go as well as they do in the church they fall back. The message of the gospel is confrontational. We flow with by building relationship that magnetizes, but the message of the gospel does confront.

Eph 4:17 – 24 if you have heard him an taught in him, just as truth is in Jesus – can I sit in front of my bible or a teacher and yet not hear Him. Be renewed in the mind.

What we do in the natural is connected to what we do in the spiritual we’ve created an imagined scenario that as long as I think it and not say it. What you think is who you are.

The shaking happening in life right now is happening because he wants you because he will do whatever it takes to have your heart so that you can build with him. It will remain. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. Disconnect from this and build with God.

Our circumstances shape who we are.

Training and equipping to renew the mind at WHO. Connect what you believe with how you think. Think bigger than you thought a year from now. Have something you never could have had before because of that connection. Release the mind of the soul/flesh and be with the spirit.

The stuff in your gut must get into your brain. This must come to reality now. The orderly arrangement of things can become entirely disordered and we will see order. We are seeing it before our eyes.

The joseph group – asked by a European nation to advise how to run the nation.

Develop how you think.

Morpheus was relaxed and not think of the limitations of the circumstances. Neo faces the fear. Starts striving.

Striving doesn’t work. Renewing comes from surrender and resting in the presence of the father. It is god’s work being done in us, not us doing it ourselves for him. Surrender and do it with him.


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