Sunday, January 02, 2005


Had a song hit my mind today... guess i'm feeling it.
BREATHE by John Reuben

(chorus) breathe in breathe out i'm tired of holding my breath

it's been a while since i've seen this side surface feeling far from home and distant from purpose worthless this earth is i wished to vanish from it is it pointless or am i too stupid to take advantage of it isn't life more valuable than just existing and aren't dreams more valid than just simple wishing force myself to listen sit in the silent golden as it may be at times it feels violent but i'll be patient and wait for your calm to come even though i get anxious and feel the urge to run for i know where my strength comes from even though i get anxious and feel the urge to run

sometimes you feel like no one can stop you and other times you feel like you have nothing to offer like right now i might be scared to death of death and tomorrow i won't even care about my next breath left in the dark mad i can't see somewhere between pride and apathy and i continue on and press past the chaos i feel i just wish for one moment it would all stand still for real i wish the world would just stop and let me catch my breath return to that place of child like rest in attempts to gain more sometimes you come up less it's got me wanting to get away i guess were all looking for a place of simplicity but it's a complex world and you can't hide from it's activity but it sure would be nice to leave the world around so i run towards the son/sun to shed the earth that surrounds (chorus)

I think I need to go chill out and just breathe.


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