Sunday, January 09, 2005


Under pressure, a human being can rise to unnatural circumstances. Putting off what could be done today for the stress and deadlines of tomorrow, in hopes that some sense of panic and crunch time will cause a moment of sheer geniusness when we most desperately need it, we wear ourselves down to the last nerve. We push beyond the limits, not because we must, but because our time management has left us without option. I do this all the same myself. I just got through a huge stack of papers, have a few more, and will be finishing up another marking period of grades. I need to get lesson plans in, clean my desk, clean my trunk, and clean my house. I want to call off for a day to just rest, but then again, I will miss out on so much in one day. Under pressure, under stress, under anxiety... breath in, breath out. It must come down to a smaller more manageable focus. I surrender.


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