Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bride and Bridegroom Relationship - January 23, 2011

A son walks into inheritance, but a bride builds the inheritance with the groom. The bride and bridegroom build the house, the son walks in it. Walk in the bride relationship with God.

When God created society, created Adam - it isn’t good for him to be alone, He gave Adam a bride - not children.

We limit the relationship to the honeymoon. We think about soaking and initial consummation of the marriage. The honeymoon isn’t the foundation of the relationship .

Three Qualities of the relationship with the bridegroom (for men this is a challenge):

  1. You of the opportunity to be most real. Will anyone else see every aspect of me? Are we willing to open up about everything? How transparent can we be?
  2. Support system like no other. Genuine interest and desire to see the other released into the best they can be. I want you to receive the fullness of life. Create a theme, framework, vision for each other to operate from for each to shine.
  3. Be the voice of God to each other. Carry out His will into our relationships with one another. When you see the bride, you know that there is a bridegroom. He speaks, we make it audible in the earth. How many times to we pray for and speak life into each others lives?
What is forged in the hard times is for ultimate victory.

1 Thess 3:3 That no one [of you] should be disturbed and beguiled and led astray by these afflictions and difficulties [to which I have referred]. For you yourselves know that this is [unavoidable in our position, and must be recognized as] our appointed lot.


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