Sunday, January 03, 2010

Vision for 2010

You must connect with someone that will propel you to another level.

Many people change, but they never transition. 

We must get to the place where we meet someone, or someone that I know now must ignite or propel me to my destiny.  Must get rid of stereotypes of who they might be.

Discover the ground that you stand on.

There’s an acceleration of things God wants to do starting in summer - 2011. 

Enlarge my foundation over the next 1 1/2 yrs or you can’t handle the goodness of the Lord coming. 

Foundations must be deep and wide for what God wants to give you.

To go from where you are to where you need to go, it will not be sustained.  Pay in advance and listen to the advice.

The foundations are strong - but it can only meet capacity.

Sphere of influence and authority given in the earth - why we are sent.  It must cost you something.

A year of high highs and low lows.

New generals will begin to emerge, and ministries you have trusted will be gone.  Discipleship and transformation of nations.

Greatest thing to overcome is fear.  Just move on.  Don’t stay around trying to figure it out or staying paralyzed by it. 

God has visited many ministries but he hasn’t dwelt there.

Humility and holiness.

Find the voice of God in your life.

Is 60:1-2

Have you come to the place where this is normal?

The black cloud creates a feeling of a loss of supply.  The supply line feels cut off.  Who is the supplier? 

We have a weakness of heart or faith, and are trying to prophecy into the future.  The cloud is the lid that we have the possibility of breaking through.

Do you know the mind of God?

Angles stand waiting to help us transition.  New mantles, anointing, and miracles are ready for us. 

God gave us breakthrough anointing with miracles.  2 Cor 2:9-10

He wants to give us breakthrough technology and we must know Him. 

We are in a great battle of despair and hopelessness.  Our circumstances make it hard to hear and know God.  We as a kingdom people have a mandate to live above this.  When God breaks through, He uses the church. 

God meets in a place of need, not of want.  Man seeks out having wants met, not letting God be the need.

Will we speak from the revelation that God is in control?  Is God in control? 

New leadership will magnify the Lord, vs. Recognizing demonic influence. 

We see or sense evil because we are only entering into 2nd heaven... The 3rd heaven has solutions and answers for this. 

Kingdom solution oriented.  Bring forth the revelation of hope and life.

New leaders will have great influence in 7 mountains.

Strength will be release when hope in God is apprehended.

True fathers & mothers will emerge with hope for this generation, cities, and nations.

Sheep to warriors.  Become people of influence.

A people that promote others and honor one another.  A prayer movement that doesn’t consider who gets the credit.  Lift up leaders knowing that when one succeeds, we all succeed. 

Leaders many times are afraid and are the target of gossip and sheep bites.  Overcome offense at God.

Is 30:1

Separate out dependency to just a dependency on Him. 

Whatever God shows you, you have authority in the earth.

When we experience failure is when we use old techniques on new revelation. 

Ps 37:3-7
Pr 16:3

Ps 66:9


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